Toulouse & Beinart Again

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…So the UNHRC welcomed yesterday to their proceedings a member of HAMAS which is judged a terrorist organization by the saving remnant of civilized countries.

As such the UNHRC gave further evidence it is an antisemitic body. Only don’t expect Israelis and “Inside the Beltway” American Jews to say that.

In truth and in fact the whole United Nations Organization is infested in every department and agency with antisemitic poison.

At the UNHRC the so-called Balestinians now want that body to create a Goldstone-like inquisition to write a report on the crimes of us settlers. Israel has been fighting that initiative diplomatically against that initiative, though I doubt Israeli diplomats use the term antisemitism to describe what Abu Mazen & Associates are up to.

In yesterday’s Yediot their Eli Brandtshtein covered the Geneva meeting and cited Foreign Ministry sources who see in the Arab initiative “a political maneuver.”

No, it is a religious maneuver…