Israel Turns the Tables

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…Well, on the southern front, where a million Jews were terrified last week, it was quiet today; the kids were back in school. The rocket fire seems to have stopped – for now. That it continued last Thursday night 24 hours after the alleged cease-fire was attributed by Debkafile to new, heretofore unheard of Muslim organization. According to Debkafile, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committee were silenced by the IDF but a new splinter offshoot from Islamic Jihad identified as Salafi Palestinians has taken over. They called themselves al-Harakat al-Mujahidin, which means Organization of Holy Warriors. The Arabs in Gaza, really everywhere, are chronically, dare we say cosmically fractious; they are given to creating an endless supply of splinter groups talked about last webcast.

You know, the big shots call a halt because Israel has destroyed its arsenals and killed a lot of its top leaders, which leaves the lowest ranking members bereft of their raison d’etre which is Jew-killing. Every time a terror group agrees to cease-fire, there are rejectionists who oppose the leadership and accuse it of selling out to the Zionists.

The Arabs are born anarchists, which words derives from the Greek prefix, an- that we use in English meaning without, and archon meaning leader. It may all go back to the desert where a man with his own tents and women and camels and goats; if he did not like the local mukhtar, the charismatic commonly tribal chieftain, he just pulled up stakes, rolled up his tents and moved away. For these savage people, freedom means freedom from the constraints of society, from law and order which are necessary when people live in close quarters to together communally. Communal living means submitting to the needs of the collective to a degree. But these wild asses of men, like wild, undomesticated desert jackasses kick at authority. So that if Hamas or Islamic Jihad calls for a cease-fire, for a cessation of Jew-killing attempts, there will always be disgruntled people who do not want to be told that cannot fire off rockets whose loud noise they just love and in the fantasy that the rockets will come down on Jews and killed them.

Did you see the news item last week about the 14 youths in Baghdad reportedly stoned to death for dressing in the latest youth culture duds that goes along with its style of music called Emo in the West? They seem to have been targeted by devotees of Barack Obama’s beloved Islam who using stones and bricks bashed their skulls in.

As I said before, the world would be a better place if Western peoples could re-impose their rule over this ocean of antediluvian devotees of the Hebrew concept of hamas, meaning the unbridled conscienceless aggression characteristic of these sons of Adam and Eve that brought on the great Flood to cleanse the world of their blood-spilling ways…