Islam is Madness

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…So for sure what happened in Toulouse this week is nothing new. Hardly the first time a homicidal maniac murdered some Jews. Nothing new under the sun here.

The new wrinkle, though, is that the goy crazed by the existence of Jews whose madness prevented him from seeing us as fellow human beings and not demons with superhuman powers and evil desires against others, he too wanted to die.

And according to the ADL’s report released today, the latest public opinion polls in Europe measuring anti-Jew feelings are higher than in memory, and the atmosphere may have contributed to this peculiar flare-up of homicidal Jew-killing.

I personally don’t worry when there are around 20% of a population afflicted with this malady. I think that is to be expected. It’s normal. Every population has, for example, a bottom 20% when IQ tests are administered; and in 1969 when men landed on the moon some 20% of Americans polled believed it was a fake, staged in a studio with special effects. Those respondents clearly were the dimmest bulbs in the country. Something like a million spectators lined the beaches north and south of Cape Canaveral as the Atlas rocket lifted off. There really was a space program and it was the fruit of all these people working in it, thousands of them, yet here were 20% of the population believing it was a fake. These were the intellectually challenged big time of the time – as anti-Semites are never playing with a full deck. And so if a poll shows a country to be 20-25% suffering from unrealistic notions of what we Jews are like and what we are up, not to worry.

But these latest figures are disconcerting. Polling was done in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and the UK and it turned up such numbers as 45% believing the Jews are more loyal to Israel than the country they live in.

But what does that mean?…