Total Victory

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Blair: Israel won’t be able to destroy Hamas

…A ten year-boy today got blasted. He made the mistake of standing next to a wall thinking perhaps that at least that side of him would be protected, but a physicist explained on Galei Tsahal this afternoon the physics and mechanics of a blast. The boy should have assumed the recommended position everywhere which is face down, hands over the back of the head. So the blast of the missile strike 20 meters away blasted him standing up; shrapnel penetrating to a lung. He is in intensive care.

A 74 year-old women tourist evidently was so frightened by the air siren in Jerusalem she had a heart attack and died.

And then on Friday a missile in a gas station hit next to a tanker-trailer which caught fire. One man was seriously burnt.

You all know that unlike years gone by, the whole country is now having air raid sirens going off, people in dozens of communities running for shelters. People falling and injuring themselves, breaking bones.

The airport is not functioning normally, and that’s good (sic) because that’s a red line for the government and the country, a people that loves its vacations abroad. Don’t mess with our air travel.

It’s good, I think, for it will prod the government to set as its goal the total destruction of the capability of the Ishmaelites in the Gaza rectangle to manufacture and stockpile such rockets and occasionally fire them off at us.

Israel must end this situation 13 years long now once and for all and the current daily barrage of rocket fire licenses us to do that. To do whatever it takes until every rocket in Gaza has been destroyed, every machine used to manufacture them too. There is no substitute for total victory…