Starve Them Out

Internet Radio

…This guy should not have been housed in an Israeli prison for all those years. He should not have been fed all those years. He should have been executed for his participation in massacres of people. The Arabs overflow with the spirit of Ham, son of Noah, who unlike his two brothers, all of them born before the great Flood, was most like the common man who was a conscienceless, violent brute. They are Hamites and not Semites and simply do not lack for legions of sub-civilized killers who it is so wrong to keep alive because Israelis, the seed of post-Jewish Hellenistic types, want to show they are not at all devotees of the merciless, wrathful Old Testament deity. They are not old-fashioned reactionaries but Enlightened people for whom capital punishment is immoral.

And I say I cannot logically judge myself smarter than G-d who after the Great Flood mandated capital punishment, meaning, the death sentence for murderers carried out by society via judges and courts of law. I unlike the Enlightened dare not see myself on a higher ethical plane than HaShem and so I think the opposite. It is not immoral to have a death penalty; it is immoral not to have one…