Once and For All

Internet Radio

…And make no mistake: the purpose of such massacres is killing Jews and making them bleed. I think the iconic photograph taken in that Ramallah police station in 2000 which ignited the Al-Aqsa Intifada, says it all, when two reservists took a wrong turn and were beaten to death beaten so badly their faces were no longer faces and one of the murderers dipped his two hands in their blood and went to a window to hold them up and celebrate with the mob outside the victory of doing this to a Jew and dipping one’s hands in his warm blood. And of course there was the expression on his face of gleeful, satanic triumph.

And then there was that police recording from the cellphone from the three boys who after the demon Arabs shot them dead could be heard rejoicing at having killed three Jews.

And then of course that became a popular hand signal in Gaza: the three fingered salute.

They say Hamas won’t agree to any truce without some accomplishment and one such accomplishment might have been this morning the slaughter of all those children at that border kibbutz.

That is who is aggressing against us: homicidal Hamites authentically and accurately describable as blood-thirsty savages for whom the purpose of their violence is not acquiring, via delayed gratification, some long-range goal but the instant gratification of killing Jews. For them a successful operation allowing them to agree to a cease-fire would be some form of human sacrifice, with the Jews the victims. They want to see warm Jewish blood and dip their hands in it…