The U.S. Threatens and the Scots Too!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…At the end of this year we are expecting to witness in Paris a multi-national gathering of dozens of nations all in agreement that the Jews must hand back what they took form the Arabs in 1967 and evacuate a half million of them, expel from their homes and communities even more Jews than those who fled Spain in these very same August days 524 years ago. It will be billed as a diplomatic meeting but really, underneath, it will be a religious exercise during which the world will collectively point its finger of guilt at the world’s only tiny Jewish state and shriek, “Racist, fascist imperialist Jews. Give back what you stole from the Palestinians and turn those living in Balestine into homeless refugees.”

But again, if we look at Jewish history and the wisdom as old as the Prophets, the goyim are pawns in the hands of the Almighty Who uses them to chastise us and, in this case, for what? Plain and simple, for never, ever claiming Judea and Samaria rightfully ours.

Ironically, the post-religious David ben-Gurion still knew, when he declared statehood in 1948, that the basis for the declaration was the Bible, which contains over one thousand years of Jewish history in this land. It is impossible for most nations today to be able to look back on a thousand years of their own history.

But today’s Israelis have turned their backs on the Bible as an object of legal weight in their political life…