Fighting Back. Finally.

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last webcast the topic was World Vision, those lovers of Muslim children traumatized in Gaza by the Jews, if not the children of the Jews next door in Sderot traumatized by the Muslims. But now the task force will make an effort to zero in on these antiJews in these NGOs who come here to provoke, to take pictures for anti-Israel propaganda, and deport them.

They are all, although sponsored by different NGOs, BDS-ers, which has become the latest camouflage for antisemites who want to see Israel destroyed.

If you remember, a couple of days before 9-11, in Durban, South Africa, there was some kind of a human rights jamboree which turned into a Hate Israel jamboree, and out of that unholy gathering came the BDS movement, namely, the effort to boycott and sanction Israel like sanctions that brought down a half-century of white-dominated, apartheid rule in South Africa. Henceforth, Israel would the state accused of apartheid – and never mind there is no apartheid in Israel…