Israel’s Eternal Identity Crisis

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…It took yours truly years to understand them. The Zionists in their heyday advertised themselves as proud Jews who do not kowtow to gentile oppressors but fight back!

In the age of the sabras, the native-born children of the atheist Zionist pioneers, as children were taught that the Diaspora Jews who “went like sheep into the chambers” were contemptible. They also made a face of disgust whenever they heard Yiddish, the language of those sheep who did not fight back.

Of course, the unspoken assumption of the sabra was that they could have fought back but chose not to. Sure. Imagine the young father and mother with three children under the age of five hear a pounding on the door after midnight, and it’s five Nazi thugs who order them out. What were they supposed to do? They were not organized to raise and equip and coordinate an army to fight the Storm Troopers. The demand by the sabra was wholly ignorant of the circumstances. His contempt was baseless, a sign of his desire to cut himself off from those Jews.

His self-regard as a proud Jew was basically dishonest. Such types insisted they were not Jews but Israelis whose Zionism was not to rescue Jews but reform them like Reform Jews into something unrecognizable as Jews. These commonly hard left sabras claimed to be proud Jews but that was not true…