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Program Link: The path to the next Lebanon War

…Lastly, following up on (just before the music) Islam as a menace to the world:

Maybe you saw the item about former Czech Prime Minister last week Milos Zeman who now faces a criminal complaint over expressing his opinion of Islam made in June at an international conference on the future of Europe. He said, “The enemy is the anti-civilization spreading from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live in it and it is financed partly from oil sales and partly from drug sales.”

Last Thursday he also said “Muslims believe in the Koran like Nazis believed in racial supremacy and antisemitism and communists in class struggle and dictatorship of the proletariat…Islam is far more aggressive and intolerant than present-day Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and other world religions…The Koran includes passages calling for the subjugation, enslavement and even elimination of non-believers.”

Imagine an Israeli prime minister talking like that after all we have been through at the satanic hands of the Qur’anically named Fatah cult, the Hamas cult, the Hezbollah cult.

I’m afraid we are going to have to wait for Moshiach to show up first.

Okay that’s it for this Tuesday evening, and I’ll be back, G-d willing, on Thursday. Until then leila tov miEretz Yisrael