Boycotting What?

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…There was some good news last Thursday out of Washington. A week ago, the Senate voted in favor of suspending “tribute payment” to the terrorists-which is what these people are, these Fatah terrorists disguised these days as the Palestinian Authority-if they go to ask the UN to vote that all Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem is rightfully “Palestinian” property, with the Jews of course excluded from that description. And now the House of Representatives voted 407-6 for a nonbinding resolution that asked Emir Barack Hussein to consider suspending aid in light of the recent deal between the PA and Hamas. They also rejected any PA attempt to ask the UN to hand Judea and Samaria over to them on a platter.

Today Maariv reported that the Muslim prince in the Oval Office is trying very hard to restart the peace talks as a way of aborting any PA move at the UN in September presumably because he does not want to have to cast another veto in the Security Council on the side of Al-Yahud. That would be very painful for him.

Pres. Obama hopes before then to convene yet another summit at the White House between the mass murdering Holocaust Denier and Benyamin ben Bentzion. The talks in Washington going on now are between Yitzhak Molcho, Saeb Erekat and Dennis Ross, that old peace processor, that all failure of a peace processor who has never succeeded at bringing peace and thus should resign for being such a loser at his job.

A week earlier, Debkafile was reporting that Prince Messiah Obama had decided to leave the Arab-Israeli conflict for his second term, but I suspect he is simply incapable of that.

Last Wednesday JPost was reporting that outgoing US ambassador James Cunningham was saying the Anointed One was planning on visiting Israel.

Perhaps, as other polls show his popularity down among self-described American Jews – and never mind that most of these people are Jews in name only; in their own eyes only.

Most of these so-called American Jews are existentially no more Jewish than the Palestinians are Palestinian in any way, shape or form. I mean, it is fact that there is nothing Palestinian about today’s Palestinians, and sadly there is damn little Jewish about too many of these American Jews who support Obama.

They say their support for Obama has dropped from 78% when he was elected to now only 60%.

60%? If still 60% are behind this villain, then that is a sad, sad commentary on the demise of this once great American Jewish community…