“Party Discipline”

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[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/110714_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
Program Link: Syrian Sunni Cleric Adnan Al-‘Ar’our Threatens the Alawites Who Supported the Syrian Regime

…As a final note to the foregoing: On Monday this week, mobs in Syria attacked both the French and American Embassies, and I know of where I speak when I say this has been a Muslim behavior throughout recorded history.

Likewise in Kandahar, Afghanistan today, a suicide demon blew himself up in a major mosque which killed the city’s top Muslim cleric presiding at the moment over a kind of funeral ceremony or service for the murdered/assassinated half-brother of President Hamid Karzai.

This too is the behavior of barbarians. They murder someone and then come to the funeral to murder those who mourn for their victim.

If previous generations had to contend with Communism and Fascism and Nazism, those world-threatening threats, our enemy today is called Islam.

Leila tov and Shabbat shalom miEretz Yisrael