Whatever It Takes

Internet Radio

…It was gratifying today to hear of the IDF strikes, according to Kol Yisrael late today, every five minutes all over the Strip since about 10 o’clock this morning. It sounds as if the strategy is the same as that which brought the Second Lebanon War to a close: bomb them and bomb them and bomb them until they say uncle.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews today were ordered by civil defense authorities to remain within 15 seconds of entering a bomb shelter. Hundreds of thousands of Jews are those tethered like dogs on a chain. And one major reason is the competition for power among the terror cult groups. Hamas is trying to reassert its mastery and insists that it must be paid by Israel if it is to return to squashing the other groups’ rocket attempts. Israel must release all the 50-some Hamas guys freed for Gilad Shalit who were re-arrested, and Israel must lift its blockade of the Strip and Israel must stop killing specific Hamas guys.

Of course Israel will not do that. Instead, all day long, it’s been bombing houses and killing specific Hamas leaders, blowing up their houses. Over Judea from time to time we hear the warplanes overhead on their circuit before a bombing run…