Road Rage on Rt. 443

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Webcast Title: Road Rage on Rt. 443
Webcast Date: 12/29/2009
Length: 38:46 Minutes
(December 29, 2009) “…And that is Israel’s cardinal sin since 1967: holding out the fantasy of possibly, some day, under the right conditions, handing over land we won in battle that miraculous week. We did give back the Sinai Peninsula, but in Jewish history that vast desert only had significance for forty years. It was nothing but a way-station and thus could be sold back for peace, which it was, to be used as it still is, as a demilitarized buffer zone hundreds of kilometers wide.

“But as for Judea and Samaria: Israel’s deranged thinking about these hills since 1967 is obvious when compared to the common sense knowledge of every man of even average intelligence that this is high ground, and since the first rocks were thrown by cavemen it has been known that the guy at the top of the hill has a major advantage over the guy at the bottom. Before yours truly became a believing keeper of the mitzvot and discovered the holiness of this Land, it was clear from a cold, calculating, geo-military, political standpoint that Judea and Samaria are simply unreturnable…”

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