Gentile New Year’s

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Webcast Title: Gentile New Year’s
Webcast Date: 12/31/2009
Length: 39:55 Minutes
(December 31, 2009) “Shalom laYehudim, Shalom laBnai Noach, Shalom laGoyim. It’s the evening of the 6th day, tes-vav be-Teves, Parashas Vayikhi, tav-shin-ayin, the evening of the 5th day, Thursday, 31 December, 2009, webcasting from the Holy Land which does not, with much of the rest of humanity, celebrate tonight as New Year’s.

“No, we Jews to whom this Land was given by the Architect and Creator of the world are different. We are the same as the rest of humanity in experiencing New Year’s as a day of awe, which means all together admiring wonder and dread. The difference between Jews and other nations is how we deal with it. We pray for two days for many hours; this evening some Gentiles will deal with the dread, the passing of time, by getting blitzed to the point of oblivion and loss of consciousness…”

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