A Violent, Criminal People

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Webcast Title: A Violent, Criminal People
Webcast Date: 12/28/2009
Length: 42:53 Minutes
(December 28, 2009) “”When going back and forth and through the States in November, I took five plane trips, and of course learned to prepare even before you get to the airport for The Drill. You know, like in boot camp. You show up, get on line, have your ticket and identification handy, remove your shoes, take off your belt, empty your pockets into the baskets, push them forward, pass through the metal detector, collect your things, find a place to put yourself back together.”And in removing my shoes one time I flashed in my mind on reading once how in Morocco at times Jews were required when walking in public and passing a mosque to remove their shoes. And then were other times when the Jews left their ghetto-like streets they had to remove their shoes altogether and walk around barefoot in Moroccan streets.

“And here the Arabs have gotten over the last 8 years, since the shoe bomber Richard Reid, to get how many millions of air travelers to take off their shoes? Tens of millions, scores of millions of travelers. These Arabs have an affinity for attacking travelers, either in a car in Samaria, or an airliner flying over Detroit, as a result of which now, we’ve all seen today, how the new security regulations are going to discomfort us air travelers in new ways. The last leg of the trip, no blankets, nothing in one’s in one’s lap. No getting up, no going to the lavatory. These Arabians, I tell you, have a knack for annoying mankind…”

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