Richard Wagner was Right

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…There was good news out of the Knesset yesterday. The rejection of a bill written by, if you can believe it, one of the men of Sodom, to allow for civil marriage and civil divorce for Jews in Israel, versus the rabbinical monopoly on those legal institutions. The moment Israel agrees to do that it will begin to die. Without its religious identity, the Jews have no national identity, which is one reason for the immortality of this people.

The vote against the bill was 41 versus 16 MKS supporting.

The greatest threat to the Jewish people outside of the Muslim maniacs in Iran and its front groups in Hezbollah and Hamas is intermarriage. The history of the Jewish people over the last 200 years is proof of that.

Civil marriage is anathema to Jewishness because matrimony is ultimately holy or it is nothing. Why must it be spiritual? Having a religious sanction (a word related to the word for sanctity)? And the answer is that the joining of husband and wife commonly leads to Imitatio Dei, the imitation of G-d Almighty in the creation of human beings. Man is no more god-like than in his procreating and producing other human beings.

Think of the story of Frankenstein the monster, written by Mary Shelley which was published in the same year Karl Marx was born, revolutionary period, in 1818. Mary Shelley was the illegitimate child of William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft, two English writers, sort of the 18th century forerunners of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn. Mary Wollstonecraft was the founding mother of modern feminism. Both parents English intellectuals and journalists who went south to live in Paris during the French Revolution to write about it. There they lived together without marrying which in their day was truly revolutionary and a rebellion against conventional morality.

Mary Wollstonecraft was the model of every radical feminist journalist in the 20th century, and her daughter Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin went on to live with the English poet Percy Shelley and become Mary Shelley, like her mother a writer, who came up with the fantasy of a scientist figuring out how to create life. Only in a prophetic mode Mary Shelly imagined the experiment at playing God going to seriously awry so that the life created was a monster.

It is no coincidence that the proposed bill in the Knesset that failed yesterday was submitted by MK Nitzan Horowitz of the almost now extinct – thanks to Oslo – Meretz Party, who is also the Knesset’s only public sodomite and crusader for sodomy.

That too is behavior that as a perversion corrupts the God-like process of creating life as HaShem does. The male act of procreation concludes with the sending out of the body of seed programmed by the Creator to swim in search of an egg which is found only in the womb of the female of the species.

Male seed is out of place when deposited in any of the bodily openings of the male of the species.

If nothing else it is medically contraindicated…