Domestic Strikes & Norway

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…So, as of today, it seems, the eruption of evil in Oslo, Norway last Friday was perpetrated by yet another madman who long harbored and nurtured a fantasy of murdering scores, even hundreds, even thousands of people in an orgy of blood.

Timothy McVeigh was such a person who murdered 168 in Oklahoma City in 1995 with a truck bomb that was the model for the one used in Oslo on Friday. McVeigh also wounded 680 others.

A year earlier here, Baruch Goldstein here in Hevron acted out a fantasy he likely had also been nurturing for years when he killed a whole bunch of Arabs in a burst of homicide.

Four years after that in Columbine, Colorado two high schools boys went on a murder spree and massacred a teacher and 13 of their school mates and wounded two dozen others.

And then of course there has been the endless terror bombings in Iraq and Pakistan and India by Muslims, by the thousands, and course the Gold Medal of 9-11.

I think it is psychiatric condition that deserves serious study: these maniacs who cross religions and national boundaries like this Norwegian fellow Anders Behring Breivik. They are driven to these spectacular crimes and I think that drive precedes whatever rationale or explanation they put down in writing over 1500 pages. They need to commit such a crime and then invent a reason to do so. Like Adolf Hitler in his prison cell in the 1920s dictating Mein Kampf to Rudolf Hess and Emil Maurice. They need to do what they need to do and the explanation follows.

What was this evil one thinking? That he was going to kill off the next generation of Labor Party leaders in Norway and thus prevent them from handing the country over to the Muslims with their brainless multiculturalism?

He is right to fear the loss of his nation to the Muslims, but when he arrogates to himself the right to slaughter individuals like this in the name of his own deepest beliefs, he becomes a Muslim; he acts like a Muslim who justifies to himself all the gruesome carnage. He becomes no better than they are. He becomes one of them.

From what has come out so far from Norway, this horror will not change the minds of Norwegians regarding their political views of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Or their view of Muslims. They look upon Muslims, the way, I guess, Little Tommy Friedman does. It contains and includes a perverted view of Jews, which tracks with those of Muslims. In the Arab war against our freedom, the Norwegians see what they want to see: Israel is the aggressor-bad guy; Israel as the substitute bad Norwegian. In their inability to confront their own racism toward non-white Arabs, they smear us with their own racist revulsion. We are the ones who are the racists, the abusers of our brown, Third-World victims.

Norwegians are the people who bestowed on the world the term “Quisling” after Norway’s war-time, collaborationist prime minister Vidkun Quisling. I don’t think they have come to grips with that. They don’t seem to be too introspective.

They came to Christianity quite late, in the Crusader period. Until then they were pagans; they have been civilized for less than a thousand years.

And in this we may find the roots of their hostility to Yiddishkeit…