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Program Link: Netanyahu has forgotten what it means to be Israeli

…Well, as of this posting, still no word on a deal in Washington over the debt ceiling crisis between the Muslim in the Oval Office and the representatives of the American people.

I think there is a real danger that this egomaniac may come to the conclusion that he stands no chance of being re-elected so why not make everything come crashing down now? He scares me.

As for cutting government spending, a fine idea was presented in Congress last Tuesday when Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch testified that the PA spends 5 million dollars a month, a major chunk of which is American taxpayer money, on paying the salaries of Arab terrorists in Israeli jails. Five million dollars a month paid to these convicted terrorists.

Have we all gone mad? In Israel? In America? Marcus, quoting from the PA version of Pravda, the official newspaper Al-Hayat al-Jadida, he told Congress that 5,500 Ishmaelites on the PA payroll are sitting in prison for their involvement in the mass murder of terrorism and getting paid.

And as an aside here parenthetically, what is this business of the US subsidizing a Palestinian Authority newspaper? Like Pravda, is it? Does the United States Government have its own newspaper? Does the United States Government have a monopoly on TV and radio broadcasts as does the PA and is paid to have?

A little over a week ago, it was reported that Marwan Barghouti was caught in prison with a smuggled cellphone and punished with time in solitary confinement.

Why is Israel paying to feed and house this mass murderer and give him medical care; this murderer of 30 people?

And then there was the story about the same time last week of the High Court ruling that Mustafa Dirani in Lebanon, the terrorist, has the right to sue the State of Israel for ill-treatment when held hostage here for 10 years in a bid to force Hezbollah to return POW Ron Arad.

This Hezbollah terrorist after his release returned to the working ranks of Hezbollah, i.e. working for the destruction of Israel, G-d forbid. And here the Israeli High Court agreed to adjudicate his claim; this enemy sworn to Israel’s destruction whose organization rained 4,000 missiles down on the north in 2005, and blew up our embassy in Argentina and murdered 80 other Jews there as well?

Have we all gone crazy?…