The Tunnel War

Internet Radio

…Today the news was other shelling and bombing of the Shujea neighborhood in Gaza City and the claim now by the Arabs the IDF has killed 400 of them and today’s IDF operations were war crimes against “innocent civilians.”

I said it last time. I am waiting for Bibi and other of our leaders to confront this concept of “innocent civilians.” I’m sorry, but in elections ruled fair by none other than the famous antisemite Jimmy Carter, HAMAS won three-quarters of the seats in their assembly. These people chose HAMAS to lead and represent them, so if thanks to the activities of HAMAS the IDF is bombing the bejeezus out of the voters in Gaza, too bad.

This is like the second corruption of thought having to do with elections and Arabs and how they don’t mix. Just today I saw a former Israel ambassador arguing that in 2007 HAMAS forcibly overthrew the PA in like a coup d’etat; this is the conventional wisdom among the peace processor camp, and it is another of their lying perversions of reality. In 2006, because the PA was known as the same old bunch of corrupt thugs and bullies the PLO gangsters had ever been, the people voted overwhelmingly for HAMAS. And when the PA, Abbas’s boys, literally refused to vacate their offices in Gaza, Hamas rightly had to throw them out bodily. It is a complete lie that HAMAS forcibly took Gaza away from the PA illegally.

And now the people in Gaza for having voted for HAMAS are paying the price…