More Blood

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Late last Thursday, following the five murders that day of Jews, the PM met with top security officials to plan further steps and also said even before they met that, “Behind these attacks is the same extremist Islam that threatens Europe.”

And I say it’s about time because that’s my book. The Palestinian identity is a smokescreen. What has always moved these people to their ghastly acts have been 1) their historic character as Arabs; violent, armed robbers covetous of the wealth of others with no ethical governors on their appetite, and worse: 2) Their religion which justifies their pre-Islamic drive to rob, dominate and humiliate.

What Israel should do in this time of bloody Muslim savagery in Europe is more of this public diplomacy that links our murderers with those terrorizing the West.

The enemy is not the phantom Palestinian nation but Islam as it has always existed…