“Militant Islamist”? Belligerent Muslim!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And then late this afternoon, at the ever-popular Gush Etzion junction — popular among homicidal Muslim maniacs — two more Jews were murdered. An Arab bystander was also inadvertently slain. Several other people were wounded. I think the Ishmaelite who did the shooting was dispatched to Muslim paradise by police or IDF.

Oy. Not the Judenstaat Herr Herzl envisioned. What I would like see within the next 24 hours is the closest relatives of today’s terrorists arrested, taken to Gaza and pushed through a gate that closes forever behind them.

Would the Enlightened scream? Of course. So what else is new? Everything we do is wrong. Disproportionate. A violation of human rights. Another instance of the Jews abusing the victims of their racist, national liberation movement…