No Solidarity with Israel

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This villain Obama yesterday in Turkey held fast to his desire to import another ten thousand Arabs from Syria, in addition to the 2,000 reported already there. He said it would be a betrayal of American values to deny entry to these victims of terrorism in Syria – as if he knows and respect what those values are.

And this number is, by one source, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of Muslims he has already brought into the country since he entered office.

This is what he meant in his first campaign for the presidency when he said he wanted to fundamentally change the country and, in retrospect, in view of his years in office, his primary change was making America hospitable to Islam, where he fantasized it displacing Judaism as the second most important religion in the country.

So what was on display yesterday was a variation on the same posture as after as Ft. Hood massacre and his bringing up the behavior of Crusaders when Muslim head-chopping were dominating the news. This man is a press agent, a missionary for Islam and that means never criticizing it. Islam is never to be spoken of in the same sentence as terror, he said early in his presidency. This is his guiding principle…