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…On the domestic front today, besides the good news this morning of the end of a five-day strike, the Israeli Psychological Association has published a document which while still largely politically correct on advising against psychotherapy meant to lead sodomites away from their vice – my word, of course, not theirs – it does not ban such so-called conversion therapy and instructs professionals on how to treat those agreeing to give it a shot. In Europe, evidently, it is against the law for mental health professionals to help the addicted – my word – free themselves from this powerful vice, which I believe belongs in the same categories as alcoholism and compulsive gambling and similar psychological enslavements.

It is a truly surprising turn of events here in post-Zionist, really post-Jewish Israel whose devotees are themselves enslaved to every fashion popular in the degenerate West, and I do mean degenerate, for in the politically correct West, the habit these days is not to reproduce, not to generate but to degenerate.

Indeed, last Tuesday a federal appeals court in California ruled that the recent referendum by the voters in that state opposing same-sex marriage “violated the US Constitution.”

Have Americans lost their minds? For sure they have lost their intellects with a ruling like that. Presumably, the two judges who ruled this way had studied at some point in their legal education not only the text of the Constitution but the context in which it was written, where and when it was written, and by whom. The US Constitution was drafted over the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia, PA by 55 gentlemen, a majority of whom (I think) could sight-translate a Latin text into classical Greek. They were educated; many were lawyers. They knew history; they knew of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Gibbons’s book came out with that title in 1776. They were all nominal Christians familiar with the Bible and its story of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The idea that those 55 American gentlemen, the Framers of the Constitution, could sign off on the idea of the rightness of men marrying men and women marrying women leaves yours truly speechless. Their ruling ruled that the majority of the voters of California who voted as they did against same-sex marriage “violated the US Constitution.” This belongs in the Wonderland of a gay Lewis Carroll.

At the same time, in a decision that would also boggle the minds of the Framers, the current president of the United States of America, signed off on a policy forcing believers in the Bible like the Catholic Church to pay for intrauterine infanticide a/k/a abortion, contraception and whatnot.

Indeed, at a fundraiser last Thursday near Washington for Sodomites and Lesbians, the same president praised himself for his support of them as “profoundly American,” for example, his tolerating if not encouraging sodomy in the armed forces. This too boggles the mind.

He said it is “profoundly American” to do what he has done.

This was on a par with his dozens of wacky versions of history delivered three years ago in Cairo…