What’s in a Name?

Internet Radio

[audio:http://www.deprogramprogram.com/audio/120214_Excerpt.mp3|titles=Sha’i ben-Tekoa]
…Speaking before about nameless actions and actors, that does not seem to be a problem for the Iranians and other mass murdering Muslim terrorism junkies. On Monday in Teheran Isma’il Haniyeh, head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza which Israelis continue to miscall Hamas, was in Tehran where he said in a TV interview at the end of his three-day visit that Israel remained the “main enemy” of the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Absolutely. He is 100% right. He and over one billion Muslims are perfectly clear that their main enemy in this life is we 13 million Jews because we stand for everything they don’t: freedom, mercy, civilization.

But what power we have in their minds. You know the old joke about the two Jews sitting on a park bench in Berlin in the early 1930s when it was still possible to do that, one reading a newspaper and smiling, a Nazi newspaper like Der Sturmer or Der Beobachter, with the other looking at him like he’s crazy. Both newspapers were full of nothing but stories slandering the Jews, and the one who was smiling said he liked to read how strong we are alleged to be, how capable we are of all these plots and schemes.

Well, that is Islam today, leastwise in the hands, hearts and minds of its major movers and shakers like the priests who run the show in Teheran and the suicide cultists in Hamas under Haniyeh. That is how they see us; immensely powerful, threatening so many Muslims…