The Farce of Reconciliation

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Why the U.S. should resist stoking the chaos in Cairo

…It will be a day of wonder when leaders in Jerusalem and Washington and maybe London too, speak the truth that the last 19 years of the “peace process” has exposed the truth that making a peace deal with the Arabs in Judea and Samaria and Gaza as the West would like to see a peace deal is just not in the cards, and the best thing to do is void and annul the Oslo abomination and back, support Israel’s right, its righteous right to incorporate Judea and Samaria and rule it as Israel sees fit, tendering respect and human dignity to the Ishmaelites as individual human beings but no more than that.

And if those individuals cannot live under Jewish sovereignty as the Jews administer it, they should just go live with their brothers elsewhere in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Syria…