Good News and Bad

Internet Radio

…So the good news was the lifting of the boycott of Ben Gurion Airport not only by American carriers but others, all of whom, except a few, I think, have resumed service.

The bad news is that I see in the behavior of Khalid Mashaal, the Hamas leader who lives in Doha, Qatar, a self-confidence which suggests he is confident that his men, all of whom are ready to die for Allah, can hold out for weeks.

Indeed, the other day, JPost cited Steve Emerson citing US intelligence sources who believe that there are twice as many tunnels as Israel thinks. At the beginning of the week, “Bogie” Yaalon (if memory serves) said Israel needs another two or three days, but two or three weeks might be more accurate and even that a serious underestimation.

At the beginning of this week, last Sunday’s webcast, I brought up the 1976 siege of the UNRWA slum in Lebanon when the PLO gangs held out for months (!) as the Christians pounded them with artillery shells, 40,000 of them, which leveled the entire community. And the PLO big shots could survive because they had built a vast underground network of tunnels with, as Emerson said of the current situation, electricity and refrigeration and stockpiles of food; plumbing; water supply. It sounds like a repeat of that siege with the purpose of wearing Israel down financially and spiritually and everyday seeing it smeared in the media with the excrement of guilt for the deliberate, blood-thirsty pleasure of murdering children and other innocent civilians…