Israel Besieged

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Besieged, under attack from all sides. On the east side of the walled city of Jerusalem, the Ishmaelites have penetrated a gate closed to them by the Israelites since 2003 and set up another mosque. It is I think the third one on the Mount now. Al-Aqsa was the first, and during the rule of the atheist Ehud Barak, he let them steal thousands of tons of earth from the Temple Mount to build another, undergrown mosque in the area thought to have been the stables of King Solomon. Israel’s post-religious Ashkenazic Leftists like Barak were raised to mock religion, so he was not going to risk violence over that. As his spiritual forebear Moshe Dayan once said, “The Temple Mount has no religious significance for Israelis, only historic significance. I also remember when the Ishmaelites, the violent seed of Ham, in Shechem overran and vandalized the tomb of Joseph the Righteous, who was righteous in his sexuality for which he paid dearly with years in an Egyptian dungeon, today’s Israelis not only did not fight for the Tomb but Benny Gantz, Shaul Mofaz and other IDF officers let a soldier die there. I remember a Leftist Tel-Aviv a yuppie friend at the time sneering at the thought of fighting over the tomb…