Ilhan Omar is Not the Problem

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…If my book has a thesis, it is that today’s Palestinian Nationalism is just this generation’s version of hating Jews and works to shield Islam in particular from my contention that it is a form of antisemitism.

Both the famous Israeli doctor of the science of Politics Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD and Tsipora Livni, who never went to college, have separately spoken almost the identical sentence. “If we define the conflict as religious, there is no solution. So, let’s call it political and then we can have solution.”

This is a good example of cracked brain post-Jew thinking. As the Muslims here are commonly in denial like Mahmoud Abbas there was a Holocaust, so Yossi and Tsipora deny the facts that this is a religious conflict and not a political one. The facts, the evidence, are all around us…