Beneath the Zionism=Racism Lie

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Why, just today the successor to the Ottoman Sultans, who governed their emperor as heads of a caliphate which means a government ruler by caliph, a cognate of the modern Hebrew word takhlif meaning substitute, a substitute for Muhmmad. The Ottoman Empire was thus like the government next door in Iran, governed by priests of Islam. And today President of Turkey Erdogan called the State of Israel’s claim to be the wholly owned property of the Jews “blatant racism.”

In other words, the 1991 repeal of the 1975 UN General Assembly “Zionism is a form of racism” had no affect on this man. Zionism remains for him a form of racism, meaning the Jews are a race and discriminate against all others on the planet who are not of this race.

And yours truly awaits the day the prime minister of Israel or some big shot non-observant American Jewish leader of people as non-observant as he speaks up and says, “This is impossible because the Jews are not race.”