Migron: Bork was Right

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Program Link: France’s Jihadist Shooter Was No Lone Wolf

…Of course more information has come out about that demon murderer in Toulouse, the latest homicidal suicide named Mohammed to, I guess, enter that great drunken orgy of raping virgins for all eternity in the sky.

One of the more informative pieces appeared on Friday in the Wall Street Journal – I’ll put up the link, though I don’t know if it will work for non-subscribers – written by one Jytte Klausen who tracks jihadi networks from her base at Brandeis University of all places. She says this latest massacre pervert Muhammad Merah was no anonymous street kid who got swept up in Islamism. She calls him a prince of the movement in French jihadi networks. His mother is a married to the father of one Sabri Essid also from Toulouse who went to Syria to run a transit house for Al-Qaida jackals on their way into Iraq to kill Americans. In 2009, Sabri Essid and five others were convicted in a French court of conspiracy for terrorist purposes. He was given five years. So in a way Mr. Muhammad Merah had a predecessor to live up to…