Hiding in Plain Sight

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Program Link: Loyalty to Syrian President Could Isolate Hezbollah

…Last Friday the weekly Forward newspaper in New York featured a new poll done by an outfit called the Public Religion Research Institute investigating the projected upcoming Jewish vote. This vote said Obama’s Israel policies are not American Jews’ first priority. The economy and social justice are.

One Democratic pollster even predicted Obama will add to the 78% of Jews voters who voted for him in 2008. Versus the head of the Republican Jewish Coalition Matthew Brooks who predicted a significant drop down to 62%.

I’ll stick with the higher figure remaining up there at almost 80%, which makes perfect sense; perfect Jewish sense.

80% is what the Sages told us the percentage of Jewish slaves in Egypt who chose not to flee the country and therefore perished doing the plague of darkness. The verse in Shmos/Exodus speaks of the Children of Israel going out of Egypt khamushim/armed, but since that word’s root is the same as the number five, they interpreted it to signal that only a fifth of the community fled the country, the surviving fifth around midnight between the 14th and 15th of the month of Nissan.

Demographers claim that without all the persecutions and assimilation the Jews have experienced and undergone over thousands years, the Jewish people should be the most numerous on the planet, even more than the Chinese who constitute a fifth of mankind, I believe.

Instead, we probably have lost in every generation 80% of our people which accounts for us being as small as we are today.

It is Biblically understandable that 80% of American Jewry supported Obama and will support him again, for they are lost to the Jewish people.

And in fact, demographic fact, I’ll bet a lot of these Jews polled by all these different organizations are not really Jewish but the offspring of intermarriage which the post-exilic prophet Malakhi, and the last of the 12 minor prophets, Malachi in English, fingers as the greatest threat to the continuation of the Jewish people.

Post-Exile Ezra and Nehemiah also took on the menace of marrying out.

Too many of these so-called Jews in America, even the ones Halachically Jewish, are existentially post-Jews in their ignorance. Of course they will vote again for the Muslim Prince…