The Flytilla Flop

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…So much for almost half of these idiots.

Bibi’s letter was a good one, telling them first to go our neighbors and check out the human rights situation in Syria and Iran and in other countries, then report back to Israel on what they learned.

But surely there were other options the government could have taken. If I were Bibi, I would have prepared a little sound and light show for them, with aromas to match the spectacle.

One might have ushered the ones detained, a few dozen I think, into an auditorium with a big screen and flash photographs on it for hours, the handiwork of Israeli police photographers who appear at terror scenes and take photographs.

During the first intifada that suggestion was made to the government but it was rejected. The suggestion was to release to the media the hundreds of crime scene photographs taken when buses explode, or fast food restaurants go up in flame and smoke and noise; or crowded bus stops. You know, the walls dripping with blood and gore, the severed limbs, the severed heads; bodies blown apart. But it was decided back that viewers would not have the perpetrators in mind and be angry with them but the Israelis who showed them these nauseating scenes of horror.

Perhaps. Then again, it might be suitable in this situation: showing these people one gruesome picture after another until these idiots, a captive audience, being to vomit. They would surely want leave the auditorium, but we would not let them. Make them throw up in their seats and have the air stink with their puke as a substitute for the smell of burning flesh in all these buses that blew up.

The Flytilla, as of this evening, seems be yet another flop for these ultimately juvenile people whose purpose is not to improve the lives of the Arabs but to smear Israel with dirt and guilt for being the last of the racist, imperialist, rapacious Western colonies notorious for stealing whole countries from their ancient owners.

I wish Bibi had also found a way to allude to the age-old Jew-hatred lurking beneath the lie of Zionism of these people that Zionism is a racist, imperialist enterprise.

Beneath it all, their hatred is ageless…