Hebron: The Confllict in a Nutshell

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…Well, you all know the denouement in Hevron since the last webcast. Yesterday afternoon when most of the Jews living in that disputed house were out and about doing their business, the special police squad bully boys swooped into this house in view of the family plot of the Jewish nation, the Machpelah, and drove the Jews inside – mostly women and little children – out, and then put all the furniture they had put in out, and then, I believe, welded the doors shut.

Prime Minister Netanyahu went along with the desire of Ehud Barak and his Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein. We pondered the iconic biography of the former last time who has a record of refusing to fight over religion, but all I know of Weinstein is that in private life he was a hot shot criminal defense lawyer in Tel-Aviv, which suggests he may have a problem with knowing right from wrong. Lawyers like him have that problem. Like Alan Dershowitz they will work for anyone who pays them. For lawyers like this, there is no right and wrong, only different versions of reality and the law is about which lawyer tells the most persuasive story.

In a word, Yehuda Weinstein is not a man to seek out on the rightness of Jews living in Hevron or not; living in that house. This latest episode is a wonderful counterpart to the saga of Migron. There the State of Herzlandia has declared that the land under those 50 cottages is the property in perpetuity of individual “Balestinians” and never mind there is not one individual Balestinian who can produce title to those acres. The High Court seemed to be saying “This land is their land forever and ever.”

And now in Hebron Israelis like Ehud Barak and Yehuda Weinstein have likewise declared all buildings in Hevron at the moment not occupied by Jews, can never be occupied by Jews. And never mind that in this case there really is paperwork proving the building, actually part of a building, was sold to Jews. What these post-Jewish Israelis are saying about Hebron is that the Jews are not allowed to increase their holdings of immovable property. Their community cannot grow. The Jewish community in Hevron is to be frozen in terms of its physical size forever and ever…