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…Lastly, did you see or read about Obama yesterday attacking the Supreme Court for any ruling overturning his healthcare bill which he said was passed with a strong majority. It would be, he said, an example of unprecedented judicial activism.

I saw that and was momentarily left speechless. This guy taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago after being editor of the Harvard Law Review? I wanted to weep over the damage affirmation action and political correctness has one to American society. This would never ever gotten anywhere in life were he white because he is just over his head with statements like this.

Judicial review, as it is called, was established with Marbury vs. Madison in 1803. No serious survey course of American History does not cover this famous case when the Supreme Court reinforced itself as the conservator of the meaning of the Constitution in the face of future generations of legislators who might write legislation that in the opinion of the court violates the Constitution.

This guy Obama…I watched this video clip yesterday and felt like, I don’t know, an outraged wife who has discovered her husband has betrayed her and who screams at him, “Get out! Just get out! Leave!”

This guy is either an idiot or like the Arabs, he will say anything to get his way with no fidelity to truth and reality.

Come November one must remember on Election Day in the States to pray to Hashem that this charlatan, this nasty piece of work is not just defeated but decisively run out of Washington.

Okay, tomorrow I will, as I said last webcast, do the week’s third webcast – but then again maybe not. It depends on several factors. And if not, then I will do one on Thursday.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael…