Europe: Gird Your Loins

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Of the many reports we heard here today in Israel of the situation in France after the quadruple human sacrifice of Jews on Friday was that the French pay such episodes little mind because, after all, the Muslims have a complaint against les Juives. They stole Palestine from the Palestinians and what happened in the Hyper Cacher grocery store on Friday, another visitation by a Hamitic angel of death to murder Jews was part of that.

It is just the latest wrinkle in how to Jew-kill by suicide freaks, these Arab Muslims with brains on fire with demoniacal hatred of Jews and intolerable sexual frustration.

We heard today on radio an interview with Alain Finkielkraut, a serious French Jewish thinker speaking excellent English who painted a dreadful picture of the Jews in France these days. I imagine that it is getting like Nazi Germany for French Jews when they walk in the streets swiveling their heads in a constant search for menacing Hamites.

And I personally find it interesting that the two brothers who massacred the 12 at Charlie Hebdo were of Algerian stock, as was Muhammad Merah in Toulouse who murdered three children and their rabbi father in front of his shul. France teams with Algerians and my sympathy goes out to the French for they have been since Barbary Days notoriously the most violent and barbaric of the North African Muslims…