Bravo, Bibi

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…He also refused to be excluded from the front rank because he will not tolerate the untruth of world antiJewry that it is wrong for Muslims to murder twelve journalists — Je suis Charlie — but of course when it comes to the murder of four Jews, well, you know, the Ancient Ones are the Jews’ victims. Jimmy Carter appeared on the dejudaized Jon Stewart program and said as much.

What Bibi did was also done in the name of sanity. There is no way one can separate those two horrors last week committed by people in cahoots with one another. One slaughter was horrible but the other was not?

These Muslim assassins are clear in their own minds that not only are the Jews Allah’s most hated people in the world, so are the Europeans who continue to back Israel to any degree. Yes, they have become intellectual vassals of the Muslims in waving the flag of Balestine but not to the degree they support the true Muslim drive to obliterate Israel altogether, G-d forbid, and for that they are guilty. In the minds of the murderers, the targets were one and the same, and any attempt to separate them is intolerable. And that is why Bibi was right not to passively accept an inferior place in the march of statesmen. Last week France was blooded by Muslim maniacs and so were Jews living in France. And since Israel is the state of the Jews, it would have been perfectly all right if Netanyahu and Hollande had linked arms together in the center.

But the Israeli left today had nothing but a sneer on their faces for their pushy prime minister who refused be shunted aside…