Heroes to Us All

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Program Link: Censorship, “Mental Illness” Overrun France

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And of course the top story in the village today was the massacre in Paris which has the potential of being a major turning in history, for this was no ordinary terror attack. I have no idea what is to become of Charlie Hebdo when, or so it seems, the entirety of its creative staff was massacred. This was not just the killing of 12 people. Muslims do that every day somewhere. Thirty-six blown up yesterday in Yemen.

No, this was an attack on not only human life but the building block of free people, against the abstract institution of the freedoms of speech, the press, and really the human mind. Islam is a totalitarian cousin of Nazism and Communism that cannot tolerate, like all dictators and bullies, any opposition which begins in the minds of people. Islam cannot tolerate criticism, ridicule, satire, disagreement. To tell a Muslim, Muhammad was no prophet but a tyrant like Saddam Hussein who used religion to control people, you pronounce a death sentence on yourself.

This slaughter yesterday of these truly heroic, brave journalists who despite having their office blown up by Muslims four years ago continued to fight the fight unbowed, and paid the price yesterday for resisting, as Ali Sina, an ideology as dangerous to the planet as any in history.

I think there is a chance for a change of heart in France with this horror precisely because it was no run of the mill Muslim atrocity but an assault of everybody’s right to think what they want and communicate their opinions to others. This was a crime against the human mind…