The March That Flopped

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…Lastly, maybe you saw the 35 “Middle East experts” in England moonlighting as actors and actresses and directors with their statement in the Guardian, among them the pathetic English Jew film director Mike Leigh and Emma Thompson demanding that Israel’s national theater be denied the right to perform in London because of Habima’s collaboration in the “colonization” of Ancient Philistia by agreeing to perform in a theater built in Occupied Balestine.

These theater and film people are just pathetic in their ignorance. The statement they signed in the Guardian objects to the “illegal colonization” of Occupied Palestinian territory.

How bizarre that these people whose stock-in-trade is language should so abuse it. The colonization of Judea and Samaria, they say. Colonies traditionally have been far-flung settlements sent by a Mother Country to remove the natural resources of a distant lands to the benefit of the home country, so just what home country are these “colonies” a/k/a settlements shipping their pilfered natural resources to? What we are talking about in large part are bedroom communities, most in sight of Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem or Haifa, whose bread-winners do not engage in stripping the land of its natural resources for sale in the home country. These are just gated communities built on empty land. They are not colonies. There is no colonization.

So stop the antisemitism on display in this Orwellian perversion of language that these artistes are guilty of. These disgusting people.

Leila tov miEretz Yisrael