A Spectrum of Denial

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…No, Araby is vast ocean of people whose level of intellectual sophistication is mighty low. Take, for example, the story I hope you all saw yesterday from the Daily Beast the day before, from Paris, a report on how many of the Muslims in their neighborhoods believe that the attack last week was, to quote one of them, “a plot designed by the Jews to make Muslims look bad.”

This is exactly what we heard a dozen years ago last September after the eruption of Hell on Earth on 9/11. Public opinion polls in Arab lands turned up 60% of respondents saying that identical thing.

Only there was new twist yesterday. Well, not for yours truly and those who read my book. I tell of a very similar incident in Algeria six decades ago. In yesterday’s story, one of the Algerians in Paris told the journalist the attacks were part of a plot designed by the Jews, magical Jews, who are a hybrid race of “shape-shifters.” The Arutz 7 website coverage of this story included a reference to a May 2013 statement by an Iranian leader who called Jews “sorcerers” who manipulate the US government and media to their advantage.”

And what are “shape-shifters,” you may ask? Beings capable of morphing into all kinds of beings. The interviewee said the Jews know how to get in everywhere. They are master manipulators,” and what he had in mind was our allegedly superhuman powers to, like the Mighty Morphin Rangers, I guess, transform ourselves into others and other creatures…