Bibi Strikes Again

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I’ve been thinking all day about the wisdom of the move and have alternated for and against. There are arguments on both sides. But measuring diplomatic protocol and tradition against the threat of extinction, I go with Bibi’s decision. At the weekly cabinet meeting this morning, his words were right on target. He said he had a moral obligation to take every opportunity to speak out on an issue that poses a mortal threat to his country and said that in his upcoming speech on March 3rd he will urge the U.S. and other powers not to negotiate an Iranian nuclear deal that might endanger Israel. In coming weeks, these powers are liable to leave Iran as a nuclear threshold state, something that would chiefly imperil the existence of the State of Israel. As prime minister of Israel, I am obligated to make every effort to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weaponry that will be aimed at the State of Israel. This effort is global and I will go anywhere I am invited to make the State of Israel’s case and defend its future.”

No argument from me. This is reminiscent of the famous Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 when the Liberals’ idol John F. Kennedy ordered the Soviets to remove the missiles they had installed in Cuba which is a mere 90 miles from Florida. JFK drew a line in the sand, he paid for it heavily, but in the end the missiles were removed.

Well, we in Israel look upon the A-bomb project in Iran the same way. No way can we bless a nuclear Iran, and we will do what must be done even if His Majesty Emir Barack Hussein is insulted…