A War for Language

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yes, today was International Holocaust Day, and if you can believe it, one of the participants in, I think, the official ceremonials in Poland was Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu.

This was as sick as the presence of Mahmoud Abbas in the Paris march as if he too objected to what his brother Muslim Obama calls Violent Extremism.

Replaying that march, it might have been appropriate for Prime Minister Netanyahu, in addition to taking his place in the front line, have made some gesture like pointing at Abbas and saying out loud for everyone to hear, “You don’t belong here.”

These Arabs, like Obama, have no sense of intellectual honesty. Publicly, this character Abbas calls for no violence in Judea and Samaria as he honors, as his media honor all the time, the worst of these savages who attack us, like last week’s bus maniac in Tel-Aviv. He portrays himself — and dupes like Alan Dershowitz belief — as a moderate who opposes violence, at the same time his entire apparatus celebrates it.

In the same spirit, Davutoglu went to Europe today to commemorate the Holocaust for he and his boss Erdogan, being Euro-wannabes and not Arabs, are not Holocaust Deniers. Their Jew-hating style says, “Yes, the Jews suffered under the Nazis, but now they are acting like Nazis.” Different strokes for different folks…