Another Muslim Madman

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday’s attempted sacrifice by a homicidal Hamite of Semites on a bus in Tel-Aviv resulted in four human beings grievously stabbed and in serious condition, three others less seriously wounded and a dozen others in shock.

That’s a real physical condition, and we got a sense of this yesterday when national radio was able to play someone’s cell phone call made from inside the bus during the eruption of an angel from Hell, yet another lunatic, crazed, bloody-thirsty like Dracula Arab Muslim who went berserk with a knife. The recording of the event and screams of the people being terrorized, which sends people into shock with a blast of adrenalin was one of the most vivid things I have ever heard for it was no movie, which can never be 100% accurate, truly an audio record of horror for real in action in the hands of yet another Arab Muslim demon.

We also heard the recording of the bus driver under attack, stabbed many times, speaking to his dispatcher and telling him, “I am dying please look after my children.”