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Webcast Title: Israelis are Mute
Webcast Date: 05/02/2010
Length: 39:50 Minutes
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(May 2, 2010) …Well, there was some more juicy stuff in the news today, can’t get to all of it, so let’s focus on that cowardly betrayal of Israel by those two famous French “philosophes” of Jewish extraction, Bernard Henri Levy the peacock and Alain Finkielkraut, who joined 3,000 other European intellectuals of Jewish descent in calling for a ban of indefinite duration on Jews developing any more of the city of Jerusalem wherever they want and a ban all over Judea and Samaria as well. They have signed on with a European version of J-Street called JCall.

Supporters of the building freeze that fellow PhD, the famous moral philosopher Dr. Mahmoud Abbas is calling for, he who presided over one ghastly Jew-massacre after another as satanic as any the Nazis resorted to, are now joined by these two famous “philosophes”.

I think I am less angry with them than sad for them. I think they are simply pathetic, actually all 3,000 of them. My guess is that many are simply frightened by the recrudescence of violent and menacing Jew-hatred. Some Jew in France yesterday was brutally beaten.

Fortunately, the head of the French CRIF, the national Jewish organization created by Napoleon, Richard Prasquier sharply rejected this petition by the 3,000 which is going to the European parliament tomorrow in Brussels when JCall makes its debut on the stage of world antiJewry.

Good for le president du consistoire. If these two philosophers don’t know the world is ganging up on Israel, and no true friend of Israel joins in the bullying as they have, they are as blind as that other jackass of a French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre the Stalinist immoralist.

Leave it to the French to worship such a moral reprobate and adulterer as Sartre the philosopher, a profession that these two French philosophers of Jewish extraction proudly claim.

Well, they may be French philosophers, but in Jewish eyes, they are cowards and traitors…

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