Israeli Politics: A Disgrace

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Webcast Title: Israeli Politics: A Disgrace
Webcast Date: 12/24/2009
Length: 40:56 Minutes
(December 24, 2009) “…And it doesn’t help one’s mood that this latest slaying of a Child of Israel happened on a day when the Shalit negotiations broke for Christmas, the German go-between went home for the holiday, which left our politicians free to engage in what they love most, like pigs in their pigsty mucking about in musical chairs between parties that does nothing for the common weal. Today’s story was Bibi trying to bribe apparently half of the Kadima faction to abandon ship and join the Likud Party, for which they will be rewarded by becoming ministers and deputy ministers, and all of course the public’s expense.”Israeli political life is an embarrassment. These would-be renegades were elected by the voters as Kadima Party politicians which presumably meant something, that they stood for an idea or two, yet here they feel free as birds to fly the coop and basically betray all those who voted for their Kadima Party.

“This is just disgraceful, and it goes on all the time; on and on, these ‘try to bring down government’ maneuvers, or in this case destroy a rival party, all of which activity does nothing for the welfare of the people, and it is all done, so to speak, on company time, at the taxpayer’s expense…”

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