A History of Barbarism

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The war between the United States and Tripoli started in 1801 when a mob invaded the consulate, forced the consul to escape and run for his life as they looted it. This was normal behavior in Islam then and remains so. In my lifetime, there have been dozens of assaults by Muslims on embassies and consulates, ambassadors and consuls. These are barbarians who pay no respect to the immunity from violence for diplomats in their host country. No respect. The great hostage crisis with Iran of 1979 was just that: an invasion of an embassy by a mob of Muslims virtually foaming at the mouth who psychologically tormented 52 Americans for 444 days.

Only now, in the age of the pocket, TV camera/telephone we have a picture of a Muslim murderer in the act of assassination, and it is no coincidence that the very word assassination comes from Islamic culture. No coincidence…