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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The government of the people of Israel could declare Judea and Samaria Israeli territory, and the High Court has no standing to countermand that. And in this democracy the electorate for years now has kept electing right-wing governments, then obstructed by the High Court monopolized by the opposition. In our Kafkaesque world, Israel’s High Court is a major opponent of democracy, of respecting the will of the people.

This whole Amona thing would not exist without the anti-democratic High Court. It is a Court that sees itself as the anti-government force, keeping the government in check, when that is not its job in foreign policy, in how to handle land claims in Judea and Samaria. The people want a right-wing government in charge of our foreign affairs, not the High Court of unelected provincials who think their job is to keep the government in check. No, it is to do justice and accept that not everything is the business of the Court, i.e. questions in society it is not for them to decide…