Those Pesky UN Resolutions

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In any case, I read the whole almost one thousand words of the draft and it was the same-old same-old buzz words and catch-phrases. There is almost something incantatory about reading them. I read 870 of them for my book and there is something ritualistic about the repetitive language. In this Egyptian draft just withdrawn, the expression “two-State solution” appeared at least five times my by count. It is a thousand words of bashing Israel in dead pan diplomatic bureaucratese, and really nothing to worry about. As annoying as it is, it is really no different than scores of similar resolutions of sneering at Israel and accusing it of criminal behavior that in truth had no serious material effect on Israel.

Versus a resolution drafted under what is called Chapter VII of the UN Charter which empowers the UN to take concrete steps like sanctions against country. This is different. It does not call for the kinds of sanctions that brought apartheid South Africa down. Even it were not withdrawn but voted on without Obama’s veto, no damage would result. It is just more poison gas being emitted by the goyim, the nations of the world at the United Nations who are united over Israel as over no other issue of global concern. United in their Muslim-led hostility to the world’s only tiny Jewish state…