Who Is Disrespecting Whom?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…I’ve spoken to enough Israelis who really, I think, don’t get it. They may see Obama as having his own opinions about how to handle Iran, which they agree is wrong but not because he hates us. And so it is wrong for Bibi to not respect Obama’s right to his opinion.

I don’t think these Israelis, commonly of the secular left, appreciate what a bad actor this guy is and, as we have seen, a serial insulter of our Prime Minister which is really an insult to all Israelis, for he was chosen democratically here. Yes, Bibi should respect the president of any state but not the president of the United States who has to respect the prime minister of Israel as well and does not. Only someone deeply in denial would deny Obama has been a serial insulter of the prime minister. I am fascinated by Obama’s team pointing the finger of disrespect at Bibi when the chief disrespecter here has been the Islam-loving Barack Hussein, lover of Islam that is a form of antisemitism…