Bibi’s Speech

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Fiddlesticks. One of the moving sights every time it has happened, Bibi’s appearance in Congress, is the reception he gets. He is smothered in love, respect, affection. He enters and walks down the aisle through a forest of hands and people smiling from ear to ear with applause as background music. The Israeli Leftists here don’t know what they are talking about and/or are so envious of him, they deny this reality. For yours truly, I find it incredibly moving, for I see the historical background and the true miracle of the event. Here are hundreds of nominal Christians greeting this Jew with such a welcome and then during his 40-minute speech applauding 40 times, most of them rising to their feet, the anti-Jews like Rand Paul half-heartedly clapping and remaining seated.

But I think such types were in the minority. What a scene after almost 2,000 years of Christians murdering and raping and burning Jews at the stake; after pogroms, massacres, the gas chambers and the crematoria, with many of the Nazi high command baptized Roman Catholics, here is this community of mostly Christians, these Americans, who are very different. One of the most astonishing turns in my lifetime has been the evolution of millions of Christians cheering Israel on, reveling in the resurrection of the Holy Land and the unique alliance between Americans and Jews over Israel. Such events as Bibi’s reception leave me slack-jawed in amazement. In light of the history of Jews and Christians, it is nothing short of a miracle…